Daniel Chen

M.Sc. Computer Science


Daniel is a user experience designer based in Toronto with several years experience designing  simple and elegant user experiences for companies in various sectors including banking (the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, CIBC), advertising (BBDO ProximityLeo Burnett), social media marketing (Social Dynamics Interactive) and e-commerce (Novator). 


Daniel graduated from Engineering Science (Computer Engineering Option) at the University of Toronto, where he regularly worked at the EyeTap Personal Imaging (ePI) Lab under Prof. Steve Mann. After finishing his undergrad, Daniel worked in Korea for Samsung Electronics at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology.

Daniel finished his Master's degree in Computer Science at Queen's University under the supervision of Prof. Roel Vertegaal at the Human Media Lab.



M. S. Ali

Founding Patron Chair
PhD, Industrial Engineering

Ali completed his PhD at the University of Toronto (Canada) in 2012 in the area of information retrieval. His research investigated the application of classical IR measures to the evaluation of modern search systems where information is often contained within human-generated, non-linear data structures such as social graphs, blogs, and XML repositories.

His research was awarded the Best Interdisciplinary Paper Runner-up at CIKM 2008. He was the recipient of a Bell University Labs scholarship in 2009. He currently works as a data scientist at Keyora, Inc. in Oakville, Ontario.

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Michael Chai

IEEE Member
Vice Chair Professional Development
Co-Chair, International Conference for Upcoming Engineers (ICUE 2013)

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers University of Toronto Student Branch

Michael is an Engineering student majoring in Energy Systems at the University of Toronto (UofT). He is currently working as an Electrical Engineering Intern at Toronto Hydro. He is actively involved on campus with various student clubs, especially with the IEEE University of Toronto Student Branch (IEEE UofT). 

Michael believes that every engineer deserves a golden opportunity to showcase their brilliant ideas. Under his co-leadership, IEEE UofT is hosting ICUE 2013, one of Canada's largest Undergraduate Conference, on May 6th 2013. ICUE 2013 features a Design Competition and Presentations from top Entrepreneurs in Canada. (ieee.toronto.edu/icue2013)

Michael's goal is to building an active IEEE community at the Undergraduate Level to better promote Personal, Professional and Leadership Development for all students.

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Chirag Variawa

 Founding Industry Liaison Chair

Chirag Variawa is an accelerated-stream PhD Candidate in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto.

He earned his BASc in Materials Science Engineering in 2009 from the same institution. Chirag is a well-published author of over 12 scholarly articles and a speaker for an invited talk in Beijing, China.

He is the first Graduate Student member of the University of Toronto Governing Council elected from Engineering. His multi-disciplinary research uses principles from artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, higher education and aspects of neuroscience to investigate the design of engineering learning environments.

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Alex Chen

University of Toronto

Alex Chen recently finished his undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto. His research focus is on wearable computers and machine learning. He will start his masters degree with Professor Steve Mann in the following academic year.

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Valmiki Rampersad

University of Toronto

Valmiki Rampersad graduated from the University of Toronto with a BASc. in Computer Engineering.

He is currently pursuing his MASc. under the supervision of Professor Steve Mann.

Valmiki's areas of research are in, wearable computing and, signal and image processing.

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Jason Huang

Jason is currently studying in the University of Toronto as a M.ASc candidate, under the supervision of Professor Steve Mann.

Research of Interest: High Dynamic Range (HDR) image processing running on GPGPU.


 Wallace Yang

Floor Manager - ISTAS13

Wallace Yang studied Electrical Engineering at the University Of Toronto.

He is currently developing image-processing algorithms to analyze videos of the heart at the Heart and Stroke/Richard Lewar Center of Excellence.


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Amir Aghaei is a PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department at University of Toronto. He works in the area of Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI), and his PhD research has been focused on statistical analysis of the spatio-spectral patterns in electroencephalogram (EEG) signals used for BCI systems.

Amir joined the ECE department at University of Toronto in 2006 as a Masters student. During his Master's studies, he developed a low complexity receiver for Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) wireless communication systems with linear dispersion codes.



LauraBolt_DSC07599 (1).jpg

Laura Bolt is a PhD student in the anthropology department at University of Toronto.

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