DIY Drones

The place to be if you are talking DIY Drones is here.

Just one of many "success" stories- from tinkering/hobbyist to commercial organisation. Read the post below by Robero Navoni from "diy drones" posted on 17 Feb 2013.

"After more than five years of experimentation the comunity of VirtualRobotix decided to grow up and turn into a cooperative company.
In the coming months in Italy, you can use our drones not only for scientific or fun, but also for commercial purposes.
Within VirtualRobotix we have assembled the best Italian companies with the ability to develop drones, very appasionate and expertise, today I present to you, the first professional product: a frame  in full carbon developed by the group that designs SpecialDrones.
In these video is possible to see different configuration , and the advanced application where our frame can do great performances"