Machina's MIDI Controller Jacket turns your body into an electronic instrument

Machina has been working for almost a year to perfect what it calls a "wearable machine," but recently settled on a jacket design that's nearly ready for consumers.

At a glance, Machina's jacket looks like a regular piece of clothing, but the fabric hides a series of sensors and other controls. In total, the current design contains three flexible touch sensors on a front pocket, an accelerometer in one sleeve, and a small joystick with four buttons on the other sleeve. When connected wirelessly to a computer or iOS/Android device, these sensors transform the wearer's movements into beats and other audio. Moving an arm at different speeds triggers beats at different tempos, while sliding a few fingers on the touch sensors adds notes like a small synthesizer, for example. The jacket also conceals a power supply, which can be charged through a USB connection.

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