Wearable Tech Workshop Series

See here if you are interested in an introductory class on making bags that can be souped up to be sensor/LED enabled.

"About the workshop: This workshop will introduce the basics of sewing, both by hand and using a domestic sewing machine. We will make small bags that participants can take away with them, and also use at the next two wearables workshops where they will learn how to soup up their sewn creations with sensors and LEDs. This workshop is designed to partner with both Intro to Wearable Technologies & Soft Circuits and Intro to Arduino, teaching participants the introductory sewing skills needed for these two workshops, as well as basic, handy sewing tips and techniques like making button holes, sewing in zippers and following patterns.
About the instructor: ROSIE SPOONER is a Toronto-based independent curator and historian. She holds degrees from the University of Glasgow and the University of Bristol, where her work focused on transnational cultural studies, oral history and public history. She has worked at the Centre for Contemporary Art (Glasgow) and the Museum of Bristol and is currently InterAccess' Gallery & Membership Coordinator."